Bildausschnitt Fritz Ohle, Landesmuseum Detmold
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Welcome to our Portal – 100 years since the First World War.

The Portal – “100 years since the First World War”, is a cooperative project involving the Town Archive in Lemgo and the Engelbert Kaempfer Grammar School  (EKG). The project receives support from a local college of higher education (Ostwestfalen - Lippe in short ‘OWL’), the Regional Archive in Detmold, The Lippe Museum in Detmold and the IT department in the Old Hanse Town of Lemgo.

During 2013 and 2014, pupils from the EKG are going to work up a variety of archive documents about the home front. They are using material from the town archive in Lemgo and regional archive of North Rhine Westfalia. The results of their work can be seen below.

The Portal needs additional material and more participants. We would be pleased to receive new documentation and sources that relate to Lemgo in World War I. Our next development will involve the participation of our partner towns of Vandoeuvre and Beverley. 

Our Portal should keep alive the memory about this  great  human catastrophy, of the 20th century. It will also be a memorial to the dead. It’s not the progress of the war, or military tactics, or battlefronts, that we will celebrate, but the effects of a total war on the lives and thoughts of Lemgo, Beverley and Vandoeuvre people 100 years ago - effects, that are still visible today.